Earn money using link shortening websites

 Link Shortening & Earning Online

Link shortening services have been there since the origin of this wonderful internet world.  Along with shortening the links, these websites and services also make it possible to earn some bucks if you have some audience for your content.

How you can earn using links shortening services.

1. Write some content 
2.Copy the URL of your content.
3.Visit a link shortening website and sign up to earn.
4.Shorten your URL and copy the new short URL.
5.Share your new URL for your content.
6.Earn money when someone visits your content by clicking on the shortened URL.

Why you earn money by shortening your website content links(URLs)

It's because when someone clicks on the shortened URL, then he/she doesn't go to your content directly. The link shortening website takes the audience to a specific page, where they get to watch some advertisings for few seconds and after that time the audience get redirected to your content. 
These advertising companies pay to the content writer (You are content writer here).

Following are few well proved URL-shortening websites which make it easier to earn for content writers. 

NOTE:- Few of links on this website are affiliate links. Means if you use the given links to avail any services, the website owner may earn few bucks without causing you to pay extra. In some cases both the content writer as well as audience get benefits of these affiliate links. 

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