Dancing and Exercise Tips


Dancing and Exercise Tips

Dancing is considered to be one of the most difficult athletic art forms, and it has a lot of distinction. Flexibility, skill, fitness, safety and satisfaction are the things that you will definitely obtain from your dancing experience, no matter what age you started dancing



Shoes play an important role in dancing. There is a wide variety of shoes that you can choose from. Let the dance instructors himself recommend the best shoes for you, for they know which ones are comfortable for your feet when you dance. Jumping, leaping, pirouetting, sliding and moving your feet to the beat have a big impact on your feet, ankles and shins. There are a lot of fashionable and stylish shoes available in stores today that can also help protect your feet.

Warming Up

Provide a little extra time to warm up before dancing. Make sure to arrive in dancing class a little earlier so you could do some warm ups first. Some stretching and exercising is needed before dancing to avoid any possible injuries. It is also recommended that you wear a sweatshirt while warming up so it can help the body stay warm.


Conditioning your body is also important. There are some programs that teach cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and versatility, and muscle strength training. If you are aiming to reduce weight by dancing, you should consult a doctor first. This is to make sure that you don’t over exercise; and to help you maintain a pace that is suitable for your health condition.


Do some stretching before and after sessions. Try to push your stretch enough to feel a pull, not pain. Try holding each stretch for 30 to 60 seconds. Muscle stretching will help improve and increase your flexibility.

Technique and Posture

According to the National Dance Association, having proper technique plays an important role in avoiding and eliminating possible injuries in dancing. Technique is the method that you need to follow executing the specific dance moves properly. If you are a beginner, look for classes that offer the fundamentals and proper technique in dancing. A lot of dance moves require turnout, it is a form of dance wherein the knees and toes are pointed out to the other side of the body. This type of dance move should not be forced and should be executed naturally.


If you get to experience dancing, you will be addicted to it. If you have the dance bug, get used to the muscle sores and pulls that you will feel occasionally. Be mindful of the RICE acronym: Rest, ice, compression and elevation. This method will help in the process of quick healing. Remember to take pain relievers like Ibuprofen that can help reduce the pain and eliminate inflammation. Seek medical attention if these medications don’t work or if the symptoms still persist. Always remember that if you are exhausted, do not dance for it may cause injuries.


For children that are taking dance classes, remember to hire a reliable and professional dance instructor. A child’s bones are still developing and should have the proper training to avoid developing injuries.